Poker at Veronica’s? A blast!

We always like playing at Veronica’s house.  It’s a beautiful place and she always has the best food!  Thanks Veronica!

We had some changes in the leader board as a result of this game.  Lori is in 1st place for the first time.  Congratulations Lori!  She had a good game and Bobby who was in the lead last month, did not.  So they traded places.  They are still the ones to beat.  Don’t take your eye off Clyde though!  He won this game and passed up his sister Cathy to claim 3rd place!  You can check out the Stat-sheet for the rest of the positions.

Congratulations to Clyde for the 1st place win and Tony Forward for the 2nd consecutive finish in the top 3, finishing this game in 2nd.  Our good friend Josh, don’t call me late for a rebuy came in a respectable 3rd place.  Tony Forward made it official and became a member so look to see more of his mug at the table.  We would also like to welcome another new member Mr. Chris Seigle who is Veronica’s friend.  Chris played a good game and will be a good addition to the club.

We’ll be back at Nates next month for some more fun.  August 17th.  See you players at the table!

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