Legal Stuff

The Redding Poker Club is a legal event held once a month at the home of an RPC member.  Friendly poker games are legal in the state of California as long as the  rules are obeyed.  A friendly game is defined as a group of players playing cards where the players know each other outside of the game.  This is what makes the Redding Poker Club a private club.  There is no advertising for new players and we do not play at card rooms, gambling halls or casinos.  There is no “rake” where the “house” takes a percentage.  All moneys, sponsor donations, prizes and trophies go to the winners of games.  There are no large stakes and there is not a large amount of players at the games.  The club endeavours to stay within the legal limits of the law and continue to have fun with friends.


Questions can be directed to the club organizer at