Redding Poker Club standings.

Points are awarded for the place finished.  A game typically has a dozen or so people so if you are the first person out of the tournament then you get 1 point to add to your total for the year.  If you are the second then you receive 2.  The winner (depending on the amount of players) would receive 12 points. The player with the most points at the end of the year is the points champion and awarded a trophy, cash prize and bragging rights.  There will be 3 places for the points race.  1st place receives 50% of the yearly purse, 2nd earns 30% and 3rd takes home 20%.

If we’re over 6 months into our year and you don’t have more than 9 points then you won’t see your name in the stats.  Play harder!


You must be a member to accumulate points although you can certainly play without being a member.  Some might choose this option because they may not be able to make it to a majority of the games and therefor may not have a chance to earn enough points to compete for the trophy.   Being a member does however get you the yearly RPC T-Shirt making it worth the price of admission.