April game wrap-up

RPC had a great game at Veronicas last night. We started with 14 players at 2 tables and played 20 minute blinds with 2 friendly’s to get us done by 11:30. Veronica was an awesome host as usual. Great food and too many cup cakes!

You could tell that everyone was playing their best game. It was over 2 hours when the first player finally dropped and it was a player with some points. That is always encouraging to players trying to catch up in points. By the time we got down to 4 players it was around 11pm. Wendy was the bubble breaker. She tried hard and played a solid game. Phil, who hasn’t played since January came back with a vengeance and took 1st place. Josh finished strong in 2nd and Forrest took home a nice purse for 3rd place.

The grand total in the pot so far for the 2021 champ is $390. The next game is at Tony & Wendy’s on May 22nd.

Here are your 2021 RPC points leaders.

“Life, like poker, has an element of risk. It shouldn’t be avoided. It should be faced.” ~ Edward Norton.

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