1st game of the year!

Well we got the first one out of the way alright.  And what a great game it was.  We ended up with 15 players.  Everyone played hard as usual.  We didn’t end up playing any friendlies so we were able to wrap it up before 12:30.

Congrats to our winner Forrest and runner ups Gene and Lori.  It was fun to watch everyone duke it out.  So there’s your leader board everyone!  The targets are in place.  Haha

Congratulations once again to our 2019 RPC points champion Lori Meeink!

The trophy hand off from last years champ Josh Eastman to this years champ Lori Meeink

See you all next month at Lori’s for game # 2.

The Big Year End DOUBLE POINTS Game

Well it’s that time again.  Time to wrap up a killer year with the RPC.  This year the big game will be at the champs home out in Happy Valley.  The address can be found on the website by logging in.  If you still need a login then let me know.  I know there are a few of you that I didn’t setup yet.

Who’s the new champ gonna be?  It’s looking pretty good for either Lori, Bobby or Clyde and even a few others.  It could all change with this double points business.  And of course if we end up with 25 players then the total points take home could be 50!  Yea, that gives ME a chance!

It’s only a few days from now so get it together and bring it!

See you players at the table.

Poker at Veronica’s? A blast!

We always like playing at Veronica’s house.  It’s a beautiful place and she always has the best food!  Thanks Veronica!

We had some changes in the leader board as a result of this game.  Lori is in 1st place for the first time.  Congratulations Lori!  She had a good game and Bobby who was in the lead last month, did not.  So they traded places.  They are still the ones to beat.  Don’t take your eye off Clyde though!  He won this game and passed up his sister Cathy to claim 3rd place!  You can check out the Stat-sheet for the rest of the positions.

Congratulations to Clyde for the 1st place win and Tony Forward for the 2nd consecutive finish in the top 3, finishing this game in 2nd.  Our good friend Josh, don’t call me late for a rebuy came in a respectable 3rd place.  Tony Forward made it official and became a member so look to see more of his mug at the table.  We would also like to welcome another new member Mr. Chris Seigle who is Veronica’s friend.  Chris played a good game and will be a good addition to the club.

We’ll be back at Nates next month for some more fun.  August 17th.  See you players at the table!

Gonna try it again!

Hey everyone.  Next game is at my house and I want to try the photo thing again.  Last time it was too hot to use my studio so this time I made sure to host during a month that wasn’t too hot.   So here it is.

Come dressed to kill or as casual as you want.  Bring props if you want.  Look the part if you want.  No pressure.  Don’t even get behind the camera if you don’t want.  But it’s gonna be cool.  I promise.  It’s simple, we’re just gonna take individual shots in the studio and then I’ll put us all together in one photo using Photoshop.  It’ll look cool.  You can have the individuals for yourselves as my gift.  And of course you can have the group photo as well.  I just like making bad ass photo’s.

Thanks for playing along.



And they’re off!

We just had our February game so here’s the latest on the club.  Mr. Santana is on fire!  Lori is super strong and Doug is not letting up.  It’s a little change in what we usually see happening so keep an eye on these players.  It’s gonna be an exciting year!  Click to enlarge.

New Logo Idea’s

Always working on new ideas for our logo.  As you can see what we have is not set in stone.  Here’s one that looks pretty good.  What do you think?  Leave a comment below.







If you have an idea or some artwork then please feel free to upload and introduce us to it.   See you all at the table.

New for 2019

Coming in February!  To streamline the game and make things more efficient we’ll be getting two new tables like Scott’s.  They are so much easier to transport than the larger ones we have.  Wendy will make some bags to store them in while they sit in someones garage.  Here’s a look.














Another thing that will really streamline our process is a new chip container.  This container is similar to what you see in the casinos.  We’ll store the chips in the racks already counted out for buy-ins and re-buys.  This will make it so much faster to get the game started and dealing with re-buys.  Here’s a look!














We’re always evolving for the better.  See you players at the table!

1st game of the year coming up!

Well it’s that time again!  Time to be even with the pack and ready to take the lead.  I’m sure everyone has been working on their game and are poised to take down some stacks.  We all know who the leaders are so we adjust our game to be competitive against them.  You gotta love this time of the year since it gives you the best chance to keep your game together and win.

The RPC is about competition.  It’s one of things that sets us apart from any other club.  The club was designed this way.  Not only do we have scheduled games all year long, we don’t want to miss any due to falling behind in the points.  The best thing about it is that it’s friendly.  We’re competitive but friendship always comes first, hens a friendly poker game.

Our first game will be at our good friend Doug’s home, only 3 days from now.  7pm as usual.  Try to be a little early so we can get started on time.  Also try to bring the exact amount of change.  This makes it much easier to divide up the winnings at the end of the evening.  Most of all bring that game of yours!

CVHS Alumni Poker Tournament has been CANCELED

Yes, you heard right.  The CVHS Alumni Tourney out in Shasta Lake has been cancelled.    The RPC game will now go on as normally scheduled at Doug’s home at 7pm on the 19th.  Chips fly at 7 so be there early.  Also it helps if everyone brings the exact change.  Thanks!