May Game Wrap-Up

The May game of 2021 is now in the books. Hosted by the Hord’s we had a cozy little 1 table game with 11 people. Smoked Buffalo wings at the break and lots of good conversation.

Although Chris did good at the first game he couldn’t hang on for more than being the first one out. Hey somebody’s gotta do it. Then came our good man Don, he was second out. Mind you this is hours after we started. Just because someone is first or second out doesn’t mean they didn’t play a good competitive game. Don was chipping up well but obviously lost it all going all in with someone else. Speaking of which, Forrest chipped up big time but then lost it all in a couple of big hands. The second one was brutal! Forrest had a King high flush but then Jody flipped over the ace. That was it for Forrest! 3rd out. Phil was playing hard to protect his position but left the game at 4th out. It was about this time that people were dropping like flies about two at a time and before we knew it we were down to 4 and nobody wants to be the bubble breaker. Congratulations Jody! Someone had to do it. Now, much to our disbelief the two hosts of the night were sitting at the table with Lori who was not sitting on a very big pile of chips. One hand later Wendy gobbled up those chips. Now it’s just Tony & Wendy. Heads up! It only took one hand. Tony had pocket 3’s and Wendy of course had pocket Queens. That gave Wendy her first win! She’s placed before but not like this. Congratulations Wendy! Stan was the only other host who won the game they hosted. In this case both hosts won! That’s a rarity! The Hord’s (most of them) are not complaining!

Yes, it was another successful game of the RPC. Going 5 years strong now!

The next game does not have a host yet. We lost some of our good hosts over the years. Who wants to do it for June?

“Poker is a skill game pretending to be a chance game.” ~ James Altucher.

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