October Game

Don’t you hate it when a new guy takes first place? Lol, not really. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Welcome to the club Jim!

It was a great game at the Hord house on Saturday night. These are your top players right here. Jim took first. Jody took 2nd. Josh took 3rd. Congratulations to these guys for sure! Take a look at the Stats to see where everyone stands.

Who was the bubble breaker? It’s a bitter sweet title. You get some points but no cash. Congratulations Nate! Someone had to take one for the team.

The next game is down at Nates on the 21st. It’s always a good time at Nates!

The website is back up and running! Everyone has a login now but it’s really not needed yet. The schedule page is the only one that requires a password to see. It’s the same password as we all had before. If you need it then shoot Tony a text. More to come! Http://www.reddingpokerclub.com

Rock on Players!

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